SDSMAX 4CT 1-3/8″ X 18″ X 23″



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Accessories Milwaukee

Breaker points for up to 20% faster drilling speeds
Rebar guards for increased DuraGuard in hard aggregate and rebar
Variable flutes for up to 15% more holes per battery charge
Reinforced flutes to avoid bit breakage
Wide flute entrance for increased faster dust removal
Wear mark indicators to indicate end of life
Centering tip of exact spot drilling
ANSI specified to fit common anchors


Milwaukee SDS-Max drill bits provide faster drilling speeds, increased life, and more cordless efficiency. Breaker point pulverize the material leading to up to 20% faster drilling speeds. Rebar guards protect the bit when hitting hard aggregate and rebar leading to longer life. Variable flutes remove the dust out of the hole more efficiently resulting in up to 15% more holes per battery charge. Wide flute entrances lead to faster drilling speeds, while reinforced flutes prevent bit breakage, rendering increased durability in tough concrete applications. The centering tip allows for exact spot drilling. All SDS-Max drill bits meet the ANSI specification for drilling holes for anchor applications and include wear mark indicator when signifying when the bit no longer meets the ANSI spec. BATTERY AND CHARGER NOT INCLUDED

Warranty and certifications

limited life time warranty.For more details please call 1-877-948-2360

Technical specifications

Weight 1.61 kg
Dimensions 58.42 × 3.49 × 3.49 cm